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  • All Purpose Cleaner to shift heavy soiling, stains, grease, mud, built-up dirt and traffic film from all exterior, interior, and underneath surfaces
  • Safe for use on automotive leathers!
  • Orange zest fragrance imparts a sense of clean, as well as being pleasant to use
  • Large, 1 litre trigger pack that lasts.
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Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is your versatile car care partner for a range of cleaning tasks on heavily soiled car exterior AND interior surfaces.

Safe to use on 99% of all surfaces, All Purpose Cleaner has been designed to help with exterior cleaning and is ideal as a pre-spray prior washing, to loosen bugs, stubborn dirt and traffic film from paintwork and wheels.

It has excellent degreasing qualities so is a perfect solution for grimy engine bays, door and boot shuts, wheel wells and fuel filler cavities.

Taking All Purpose Cleaner inside, it’s safe to use on your car’s interior surfaces, and is perfect for a heavily soiled or stained interior, or a thorough annual clean.

All Purpose Cleaner can be used on all automotive interior surfaces, except for sensitive infotainment and sat nav screens, and instrument cluster screens, including plastics, fabrics and even leathers!

All Purpose Cleaner is pleasant to use, with an orange zest scent that imparts a feeling of clean to match its performance.

All Purpose cleaner is ideal to use as a pre-soak before washing your car to loosen tough dirt or use in places like fuel flap opening, door & boot shuts, engine bays, window algae, as a wheel cleaner wheel cleaner or bird lime.

It can also be safely used on all interior surfaces, where heavy soiling or staining may be present, and Interior Shampoo or Leather Cleaner is unable to shift it.

Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on untreated paintwork?

Yes, it can be used on paintwork that does not have any polish, waxes or coatings applied. It is suitable for all modern paints that have a clear coat. However, avoid unstable paint surfaces, such as porous oxidised paint.

What “type of chemistry” is All Purpose Cleaner?

All Purpose Cleaner is an alkaline detergent blend for tough, yet gentle cleaning strength.

Does it have a fragrance?

All Purpose Cleaner has a subtle Orange zest scent. It leaves you with the feeling of “clean”, as well as being pleasant to use.

Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on glass and plastics?

It can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces, except for dashboard screens.

Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on leather?

Absolutely. We recommend using once or twice a year for big clean or when/where stains and heavy soiling are present, and use Leather cleaner and Leather Care Balm for regular maintenance? All Purpose Cleaner is only suitable for automotive genuine leather, faux, PU Alcantara, but DO NOT use on household leather.

Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on a car interior?

Yes, you can use the product inside your car once or twice a year for a thorough clean, and where heavy soling and staining has happened. For regular cleaning, we recommend Interior Shampoo. Do not apply All Purpose Cleaner to sensitive infotainment or sat nav screens.

What should I do if I get All Purpose Cleaner on my screen or dashboard?

When using All Purpose Cleaner on your dashboard we recommend applying the product to a cloth and wiping over the area to be cleaned, rather than directly to the surface, and avoid use on sat nav screens or infotainment screens. Accidents happen though and in this, or the case of overspray, remove using a soft, damp cloth immediately. Do not allow All Purpose Cleaner to dry.

What, exactly does All Purpose Cleaner clean?

Probably easier to ask what doesn’t it clean! All Purpose Cleaner loosens dirt, cleans grime, traffic film and grease from any exterior surface, and most interior surface stains like coffee.

Is All Purpose Cleaner PH neutral?

All Purpose Cleaner has an alkali pH, so can’t be considered pH neutral.

Which products are compatible with All Purpose Cleaner to apply?

You can use All Purpose Cleaner with just about any cloth or pad designed for automotive use, and we recommend using any of our Hi-Tech Microfibre Cloths, and AquaDry chamois.

Is it ok to apply All Purpose Cleaner in any weather conditions?

We recommend you avoid using All Purpose Cleaner on very hot days. It is important not to apply the product to hot surfaces or allow the product to dry out on any surfaces.

How long after application should I wait before washing?

If you use All Purpose cleaner as a pre-soak, leave the product for maximum of 5 minutes and start washing your car with Polar Wash or other car shampoo.

Is All Purpose Cleaner safe on my vehicle?

Follow the product directions carefully, and All Purpose Cleaner is completely safe for all surfaces. Any risks associated with the product are only if used against directions, such as if used on a hot surfaces or sensitive surfaces such as infotainment screens.

Is it wax safe?

When applied according to directions, All Purpose Cleaner is wax safe.

Can it be used on convertible hoods?

For the removal of stains and heavy soiling, All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for this, and we recommend regular cleaning with either Interior Shampoo (for fabric tops) or Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner (for all other materials, including hard tops and vinyl).

Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on my motorcycle?

All Purpose Cleaner is a completely safe, and in fact perfect, for cleaning your two-wheeled horse. Once again, always follow the directions though, and avoid applying directly to tyre walls and treads.

Is All Purpose Cleaner dilutable?

All Purpose Cleaner is diluted in the trigger bottle and ready to use. Diluting any further will diminish results.

Can I use it through a foamer?

All Purpose Cleaner has been designed and tested for application only with the trigger bottle that it came in. Applying in any other way may diminish results.

Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on my wheels?

Yes, of course, although we highly recommend one of our specialist wheel cleaners, such as Clean Wheels and Custom Wheel Cleaner for cleaning wheels.

Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on matt paint?

All Purpose Cleaner is safe on matt and satin paints.

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