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Clean wheels 500ml

Our best selling wheel cleaner Clean Wheels is a powerful and fast acting formula that cuts through corrosive brake dust and road grime

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Suitable for use on lacquered alloy, painted, and plastic wheel trims.

If you have any other wheel type, use our more gentle Custom Wheel Cleaner instead.

  1. Ensure your wheels are cool to the touch as working on hot wheels may result in damage.
  2. Working on one wheel at a time, apply the cleaner generously from the bottom up, fully coating the wheel surface.
  3. Use a wheel brush to agitate the cleaner, concentrating on any dirt trap areas and don’t forget the tyre wall.
  4. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring the product is fully removed before moving onto the next wheel.

Q: Does Clean Wheels contain acid?

A: Yes there is acid in Autoglym Clean Wheels. If used according to the instructions it will not damage your wheels though. If you have a specialist wheel finish you may require Custom Wheel Cleaner.

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