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Instadry with storage bag

A super-absorbent, specially coated microfibre cloth for a quick, streak-free finish on paintwork and glass.

  • Lighter, Quicker, Cleaner
  • PVA-coated, microfibre drying cloth
  • Super absorbent for a streak-free finish
  • Reusable storage bag
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The InstaDry Drying Cloth, once only available to professional detailers, offers superior performance to a traditional chamois, without the downsides of a plush microfibre towel.

InstaDry is made from superior performance PVA-coated microfibre, which is super absorbent to ensure a streak-free finish on paintwork, glass and ensure a reduced drying time.

The unique coating helps to release trapped particles from the cloth easier when ringing out between passes and unlike chamois leathers, InstaDry is ready to use from the very first pass and doesn’t need to “break in”.

Even though super absorbent, unlike a microfibre towel, InstaDry is a manageable size (49cm x 44cm) and this ensures it won’t get too heavy and full of water, which increases the risk of streaking, along with dropping or scraping the towel against the ground and picking up scratch-causing dirt.

The unique storage bag keeps InstaDry safe until the next time you use it, and it doesn’t need overnight to dry out before storage.

InstaDry can be machine-washed in a mild detergent and this extends the life of your drying cloth.

Care instructions:
After use, hand rinse in cold water and leave to air dry before folding or rolling, and storing in the reusable pouch, ready for next use.

If dirty, InstaDry can be machine washed in a mild detergent in the same way as regular microfibre cloths

Q: What is the InstaDry?
A: It is highly-effective new drying cloth designed to be ultra-absorbent and leave a streak finish on all exterior surfaces. It is particularly effective on glass.

Q: How does it work?
A: It has a knitted microfibre base for superior cleaning performance, but it also has a unique PVA impregnation which ensures the release of dirt particles during rinsing. This ensures the cloth stays clean for longer and minimises the risk of contamination in the cloth causing scratches.

Q: How is the InstaDry different for a regular chamois or drying towel?
A:  After rinsing in a bucket the InstaDry holds 40 times fewer particles in the cloth vs. conventional knitted microfibre cleaning cloths.

Surfaces dry faster with fewer streaks as the InstaDry releases 50% less water on surfaces than conventional knitted microfibre cloths.

The large 49 x 44cm towel holds a large amount of water and is easy to ring out. It is super flexible and can reach into the most awkward water trap areas that microfibre towels can’t.
As micorfibre towels hold water, they tend to promote streaks while InstaDry is rung out during the drying process.

The large area of a micorfibre dying towel seems a benefit to start, until it becomes heavy and when drying lower panels, can easily drop onto the ground and pick up grit that scratches paintwork. InstaDry stays light and it’s smaller (yeat super absorpent) size, minimises chances of this happening

Q: When should I use the InstaDry, what surfaces does it work on?
A: It is ideal for all exterior surfaces including paintwork, metalwork and plastics. However, it is particularly effective on glass, leaving a perfect streak and smear-free finish.

Q: How should I clean an InstaDry?
A: One of the key features of the InstaDry is how well it rinses just in cold water. It does not have to be machine washed as often as other drying cloths. This saves on detergent and washing machine costs. If and when the user does want to machine wash, the cloth can last to up to 50 washes before it starts to break down.

Q: Can it be used on interiors?
A: No, it has not been designed to work on interiors or upholstery. We would still recommend the Autoglym Aqua Dry for interior surfaces.

Q: Can I use InstaDry on a fabric roof?
A: No, it has not been designed to work on fabric roofs. We would still recommend the Autoglym Aqua Dry for fabric roofs.

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