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Polar seal

A protective, hydrophobic coating, for a quick and easy high-gloss finish.

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Polar Seal is a protective coating that has been specially formulated for application through a pressure washer with a foam gun.  It imparts a hydrophobic layer onto paintwork that causes water to bead on the surface, which reduces the time it takes to dry the car. Simply spray onto a clean, wet vehicle, rinse off and dry to leave behind a high gloss finish.

Avoid contact of the neat (undiluted) product with surfaces such as tarmac, paved surfaces or concrete.

  1. Before you start, check that the bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. We recommend starting with a snow foam like Polar Blast to gently loosen dirt, and follow with Polar Wash to remove any dirt or contamination on your paintwork.
  3. Only a small amount of Polar Seal is required. Pour no more than 40ml (four capfuls) into your foam bottle and then add at least 200ml of water. This should be all the finished solution required to cover your vehicle. There is no benefit in using any more than 40ml as over application can compromise the finish.
  4. Spray Polar Seal onto the clean, wet vehicle, ensuring all exterior surfaces are covered, although avoid direct application to the windscreen.
  5. Thoroughly rinse and dry your car to reveal a high-gloss finish that is protected with a hydrophobic coating. The car must be dried with a cloth and not allowed to air dry as water spotting may occur.
  6. Use Autoglym Fast Glass to clean the windscreen and wiper blades to ensure no smearing occurs.

We do not recommend applying more than once a month.

Polar Seal is not suitable for use on soft top convertibles or motorcycles.

Do not store diluted product. Please rinse foam bottle and pressure washer lance after use.

Avoid contact of the neat product with surfaces such as tarmac, paved surfaces or concrete.

Top Tip: For the optimum finish, dry with the Autoglym InstaDry cloth.

What is Polar Seal?

It is a coating designed specifically for use in a pressure washer. It is the coating element (third and final stage) of the three-stage Polar range process. It is preceded by the prewash – Polar Blast and shampoo – Polar Wash.

Is Polar Seal wax safe?

Polar Seal is wax safe and we would recommend that if there is wax on the paintwork that Polar Seal is used as a top up. There is no need to remove the wax or other protection before applying Polar Seal.

Is Polar Seal pH Neutral?

Polar Seal is pH Neutral and can be used on full exterior of the vehicle, avoiding the windscreen.

Do I use Polar Seal instead of a wax?

Polar Seal is a durable hydrophobic coating. However, it does not offer the same long-term protection as Ultra High Definition Wax or Extra Gloss Protection.

Should I agitate the foam once I have applied Polar Seal?

No, it is not necessary. The vehicle should be clean before applying Polar Seal, ideally with Polar Blast and Polar Wash. Polar Seal should be sprayed over all exterior surfaces apart from the windscreen and then rinsed off immediately.

What is the recommended Dilution rate for Polar Seal?

We would strongly recommend not using more than 40ml Polar Seal and 200ml water. Over use may cause white spotting and significantly compromise the effectiveness of Polar Seal. Using more product will not improve the depth of shine or increase its durability.

Why is it not recommended to use on the windscreen?

Polar Seal contains silicones, which in some cases, can create smears once wiper blades are used on the windscreen. We would recommend cleaning your windscreen after you have applied Polar Seal to the rest of your car as part of your car cleaning process.

How long should I leave Polar Seal on my paintwork?

It is important that Polar Seal does not dry on to the surface of the vehicle. Once the car has been coated it should be rinsed immediately.

Can Polar Seal be used on my alloys and exterior plastics? 

Yes, apart from the front windscreen we would recommend Polar Seal can be used on all exterior surfaces.

Is it ok to leave Polar Seal in my foamer bottle?

We would recommend that only the product needed for a single application is used. We also recommend that the foamer bottle is rinsed thoroughly after use.

How frequently do I need to apply Polar Seal?

There is no benefit to building layers of Polar Seal. We would only recommend reapplication once water beading has ceased. We certainly do not recommend application more than once a month.

What are the usage instructions for Polar Seal?

See ‘How to use this product’.

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