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Polar wash

A safe and effective cleaner for home pressure washers.

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Polar Wash is a safe and effective cleaner that should be applied using a pressure washer with a foam gun after pre-washing with a snow foam such as Polar Blast. This impressive cleaner will cover your vehicle in a blanket of foam that makes light work of dirt, traffic film and road grime removal.

  1. Before you start, check that the bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. We recommend a pre-wash with Polar Blast to gently loosen dirt. If not, rinse first with water to loosen heavy contamination.
  3. Polar Wash can be used at various dilutions depending on the density of foam desired. However, we would not recommend using a dilution stronger than 50:50. Adjust foam gun settings as required to increase or reduce foam. 250ml of mixed solution should be enough to cover an average sized car.
  4. Spray Polar Wash onto the vehicle, starting at the bottom, ensuring all exterior surfaces are covered, including glass and wheels.
  5. The cleaner will begin to loosen dirt on all surfaces. For the most thorough clean we recommend agitating the foam with a sponge or wash mitt.
  6. Rinse thoroughly from the bottom up and dry.

Polar Wash is not suitable for use on soft top convertibles.

Top Tip – Follow with Polar Seal for a protective, hydrophobic coating.

What is Polar Wash?

It is a shampoo designed specifically for use in a pressure washer. It is intended to be the wash element (second stage) of the three-stage Polar range process. It is preceded by the prewash – Polar Blast and followed by a coating – Polar Seal.

How is Polar Wash different from Pressure Wash?

Polar Wash replaces Pressure Wash, our previous pressure washer shampoo. The formulation has been reformulated and is stronger than its predecessor.

How is Polar Wash different to Polar Blast?

Polar Blast is a Pre-Wash product that aids the removal of heavy dirt from the paintwork. It gently loosens and softens contaminants and does not require agitation. Polar Wash is the next stage of the process – the shampoo. It has more cleaning power that can get to work on removing traffic film once Polar Blast has removed the larger particles of contamination.

Is Polar Wash pH neutral?

No it isn’t. However it will not remove Extra Gloss Protection, Waxes or sealants; such as Carbon Shield.

Can Polar Wash be used neat or does it need to be diluted?

Yes it can be used neat. However we would recommend a 50:50 dilution rate for the best results. It is up to the user to find a dilution the best works for them.

Can Polar Wash be added to the reservoir in my Jet Wash?

Yes. However, it is worth highlighting that the level of foam will be dependent on the performance and flow rates of the pressure washer and water hardness. The 50:50 product/water mix advised for a bottle foamer is also a good starting point for a reservoir.

Is Polar Wash High Foaming?

Yes, it is a high foaming product that allows the user to see where they have agitated the product to minimise chances of ‘missing a bit’. However, although this product has greater cleaning power, its foam does not have the density and cling time of our pre-wash product – Polar Blast.

Is Polar Wash a touchless wash shampoo?

It can perform a touchless clean on very lightly soiled and well maintained vehicles. However, for stubborn dirt and traffic film we advise agitation with a wash mitt or sponge.

Does Polar Wash need to be used through a pressure washer? 

Polar Wash has been designed specifically for use through a pressure washer. We would recommend our other shampoos for hand washing methods.

Is a foaming lance required to use Polar Wash?

We would strongly recommend the use of a foaming lance or foamer bottle in conjunction with a pressure washer to create the optimum foam levels.

What are the usage instructions for Polar Wash?

See ‘How to use this product’.

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